How to Check Your Tire Pressure

Check your tire pressure

As a driver, you know that when any of those dashboard warning lights comes on, the feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach can be overwhelming. However, some of them—like the "check tire pressure" warning—are less intimidating than others, provided you know what to do to figure out the issue. Our Hyundai service center near Spokane can walk you through it!

Steps to Check Your Tire Pressure

Pro Tip: Make sure you check the tires when they're cold, not when they've been recently run. They should have been sitting idle for a couple of hours. If not, the reading will not be accurate.

  • Check the recommended pressure for your vehicle. This varies widely, and sometimes the front and rear tires have different requirements. You can find the recommended pressure on a decal in your glove compartment or the driver's side door jamb.
  • There is also a tire pressure number molded into the tire. It may not match what your vehicle's manufacturer has recommended. In which case, go with the manufacturer's recommendation.
  • Grab your trusty tire gauge, remove the cap on the valve hole, and place the gauge over it.
  • If your tire pressure is low, your local gas station should have air compressors that you can use to top up and get your tire back to rights.
  • If your tire pressure is too high, press down on the needle in the valve. This will release air from the tire to get back to the correct pressure.

Compromised tire pressure can cause a number of problems. If you see the tire pressure light on, attend to it as soon as possible to prevent bigger issues down the line. It's usually a quick fix, and our friendly Hyundai experts will be happy to assist you!

If you think it's time to get work done on your tires, or your vehicle could benefit from routine maintenance overall, visit Midway Hyundai today and we'll take care of you.

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